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Online Payments

About the Service

The Gratiot County Road Commission accepts credit cards and debit cards for the payment of permits and damage claim invoices through GovPayNet®.  There will be a nominal fee charged for this service.

As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient, convenient service, the Gratiot County Road Commission has partnered with GovPayNet® to offer payment options over the internet and by telephone by calling 888-604-7888.

Acceptable Payment Types & Associated Fees

American Express®, Discover®, Master Card®, and Visa® credit and debit cards and prepaid debit cards are accepted.  GovPayNet®, the service provider, charges a service fee for phone and online payment transactions.

**All Seasonal Weight Restriction Permits Must be Approved by the Gratiot County Road Commission Prior to Acceptance of Payment**

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Right of Way Permits

A local or primary road maintained by the Gratiot County Road Commission is typically 66 feet wide. The entire width including the roadbed, shoulders, ditches and adjacent land is called the right-of-way (ROW), and the Gratiot County Road Commission has a permanent easement to use and manage the ROW, no matter who actually owns it. (Click here for more on the public ROW.)

The purpose of the ROW is to provide a place for the road water to drain away from the road surface and to provide a safety zone for vehicles that leave the roadway.

Any time that a utility or utility subcontractor, commercial business, or a citizen wishes to work in the ROW they must obtain a permit from the county road commission. In Gratiot County the permit application fee is $50.  The right of way permit serves to create dialogue between the person doing work in the ROW and the road commission, which must protect public safety and uphold road engineering best practices.

To perform any work in the right of way in Gratiot County, including but not limited to, driveway construction, culvert installation (open cut or directional bore), private utility installation or roadway ditch cleanout/maintenance please fill out the permit application below and return to permits@gratiotroads.org.


Click Here to Apply for a Right of Way Permit




Transportation Permit Notice

The Gratiot County Road Commission is utilizing Oxcart Permit Systems for all transportation permits

Faxed or emailed transportation permit applications will no longer be accepted.

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If you have any questions about using Oxcart Permit Systems

Please Feel Free to Contact Our Office at 989-875-3811 or email us at permits@gratiotroads.org