Right Of Way Permits

Important Information Regarding Right of Way Permits in Gratiot County

Right of Way Permits

A local or primary road maintained by the Gratiot County Road Commission (GCRC) is typically 66 feet wide. The entire width including the roadbed, shoulders, ditches and adjacent land is called the right-of-way (ROW), and the GCRC has a permanent easement to use and manage the ROW, no matter who actually owns it.

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The purpose of a roadside ditch within the GCRC ROW is to provide a place for the road water to drain away from the road surface and to provide a safety zone for vehicles that leave the roadway.

Any time that a citizen, commercial business, utility or utility subcontractor wishes to work in the ROW they must obtain a permit from the county road commission. In Gratiot County the permit application fee is $50. The right of way permit serves to create dialogue between the person doing work in the ROW and the road commission, which must protect public safety and uphold road engineering best practices.  To perform any work in the right of way in Gratiot County, including but not limited to, driveway construction, culvert installation (open cut or directional bore), private utility installation or roadside ditch cleanout/maintenance a right of way permit is required.

Certain activities necessary for the repair and/or maintenance of public utilities may be authorized under an annual permit. These maintenance activities include:

Tree trimming for adequate clearance from all poles and wires in the county road right of way, occupied, crossed or paralleled by electric transmission, distribution or communication lines owned and operated by Permit Holder.  Repair, routine maintenance and modernization of existing aerial facilities, including installation of one-pole aerial crossings from an existing line.  Installation of aerial drops which do not require a new pole within road ROW outside of the existing pole line.  Repair, inspection and routine maintenance of existing underground facilities, up to and including two (2) inches in diameter.  Gas service line installations of not more than two (2) inches in diameter to one (1) residential customer that do not require a road bore.  Lateral connections on existing mains that run parallel to right of way that do not require a road bore.  Electric/telecommunication service installations to one (1) residential customer that do not require a road bore.




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